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      • Crown-Moon-Festival[1]2

        game bài đổi thưởng uy tín mới nhất

        Whatever your occasion we pride ourselves on leaving your audience speechless

      • animated-slide

        We start and finish with a bang

        Our spectacular fireworks are powered by the best and brightest team

      • IMG_0600 test

        We rock your world

        Whatever the concert, we'll be there to provide spectacular special effects

      • Capture

        We mix unforgettable with a dose of sensational

        From festivals, concerts and corporate events, our expertise makes it extraordinary

      • r0_237_2964_2147_w1200_h678_fmax[1]

        We put the grand into finale

        Our passion for celebrating those memorable moments is just a part of our winning formula

      • 45231166_1067812506720625_4779518496948092928_o[1]

        We create everlasting memories

        When it comes to special effects entertaining is our speciality


        For the right effects to make any event, ShowFX can create and design all that is needed to produce that amazing spectacle.


        From fireworks and indoor pyrotechnics to flames and CO2 effects, ShowFX has what you need to highlight any event into spectacular.